Sports Injuries

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Osteo Treatment For Sports Injuries

Soldiering on in the hope the pain will just go away or in the misguided belief that you have to ‘work through’ the pain to recover is likely to make things worse.

At our osteopathic, we diagnose and treat people with sports injuries. Many will not involve significant damage but can still cause significant pain and result in uncomfortable or undesirable changed movement patterns.

A stiff joint can result in a minor tweak which then becomes more and more irritating, or an overloaded muscle can be sprained but still okay for the rest of a match, only to get really stiff and seize up when resting afterwards.


Do you need a referral to see an osteopath?

No, when you come to us at our osteopath clinic, our team can do your ACC claim and you can get treatment all in the same visit without you having to see your GP first.

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Treatment For More Serious Injuries

Whether from YouTube ‘fail’ videos or from TV, everyone knows about traumatic sporting injuries caused by an impact, collision or awkward fall. These injuries are fairly clear-cut and easy to diagnose. 

If you do have a more serious problem, however, such as a torn or ruptured ligament or a tendon requiring specialist surgical repair, we will advise you accordingly.

Sports injuries through repetitive stain

Another reason for injury is cumulative damage. This is high in sports because of repetitive movement patterns and strains being placed on the same joints on a very frequent basis. Think of the number of times a golfer or netball shooter does the same stroke or movement.

Don’t be your own worst enemy

If you keep ignoring your symptoms, it could cost you even more time out! Many keen sporting people are not used to being laid up resting on the sidelines and are often tempted to return to what they love before they should. And this pressure is often magnified if you feel you’re letting the team down or if there’s coaching pressure to get back in the game.

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