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Osteoworks - Expert Hands on Pain Relief on Auckland’s North Shore

Osteoworks has been treating the North Shore community since 2004 when Jill Headifen and Chris Fetto moved here from the UK. Their osteopathy practice started in Torbay and soon expanded to a second osteopathic clinic at the Milford Medical Centre.

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How Osteopathy Can Help

The Osteoworks team has treated thousands of patients on the shore with an age range from newborns to the elderly and use a variety of techniques which range from standard spinal and joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques, muscle energy and myofascial release to cranial osteopathy.

Trusted Auckland Osteopaths

Osteoworks has developed a good relationship with many local GPs and midwives who often refer their patients for osteopathic treatment. 

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Osteopathy That Works

If you’ve searched “Osteopath Near Me”, you’ve come to the right place. The Osteoworks team are trusted pain relief experts in Auckland. These skilled osteopaths offer a wide range of services to help you get relief from pain and improve your overall health. 

They treat babies, children, teenagers and adults with sleep issues, sports injuries, back, neck and all joint pains. Contact Osteoworks today to make a booking!

About Us

Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.