osteopathy treatment

Osteopathy treatment for adults

What can an osteopath help with?

Osteopathy isn’t just about bad backs and necks! Whilst it is true that backs and sore necks are the sources of most complaints, we also treat people with a wider variety of conditions, including strained muscles, knee and hip and shoulder problems, or a joint that feels ‘out’.


Do you need a referral to see an osteopath?

No, coming to see us instead of a G.P means you can get osteopathy treatment and make an ACC claim (if applicable) all in the same visit!

Why see an osteopath?

A large number of our patients fall into two broad groups: 

  • People who’ve had a specific injury or accident and who will probably be eligible for ACC support. Injuries here are very varied, from handling a boat to playing with the kids or pulling out obstinate roots whilst working on the section. 
  • And others with pain, restriction or discomfort related to work and postural stress such as persistent neck and shoulder pain or headaches. More physical occupations cause other issues. For example, back pain from bending over the tools for hours on end in the trades, or maybe shoulder pain in a plumber or electrician from working in awkward spaces for long periods.
How long has he been saying that?

The body is good at looking after itself, and this is not a bad attitude most of the time. But if you or your partner are still in discomfort after a few weeks with not much sign of improvement, then it’s time to think twice and let us give your body a helping hand.

How does an osteopath treat you?

In our osteopathy treatment, we use a mixture of techniques to free up locked joints and stretch out and relax any muscles in spasm or which may be so tight that they are adversely affecting the movement of a joint.  

Pinched or irritated nerves and damaged structures, such as discs, benefit from treatments that take pressure off them by loosening up and improving the movement in stiff areas of the spine that are next to them.

About Us

Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.