Chris Fetto BSc Osteopathy

I began a second career as an osteopath in 2004 after training in London. I started my professional life in English language teaching – working mostly overseas in countries such as Ecuador, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Jill and I met in London and moved over to her home country, New Zealand, with our toddler in 2004

Structural Auckland osteopath

Since completing 5 years of Osteopathic training in London in 2003, I have concentrated on broadening and refining the variety of treatment techniques I use.

My osteopathic treatment style

To anyone who’s familiar with kinds of Osteoworks, I offer more of a structural approach to treatment.

I will spend a lot of time gently getting joints to move more and move better during each appointment. This is hands-on work: rather than you doing exercises whilst I watch and supervise.

I also invest a lot of time in doing soft tissue work on muscles to normalise the tensions around the joints and to ease strains in the muscles themselves.

How osteopathy works

This soft tissue work is specific, targeted and deep, and should not be confused with the more superficial relaxation massage most people have experienced or might see advertised in weekly magazines or on billboards for luxury spas.

The combination of different techniques together, including manipulation (‘clicking’ of a joint), is far more potent than just using manipulation alone. This is especially so in cases where manipulations are not appropriate or have already been used a lot – possibly over-used!

Osteopathy for pain relief

Most people I see are acute cases — people who have recently injured themselves and who are in real pain. But I also see patients with underlying and more long-standing health issues for more regular ‘top up’ or ‘WOF’ treatments to help reduce their symptoms and to keep them going.

If you’re looking for an experienced, trusted Auckland osteopath to provide targeted soft tissue work for pain relief, call 09 473 3529.

About Jill

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Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.