Cranial osteopathy

How Does an Osteopath Work? Osteopathy Is All Hands-On!

If your body is injured, it will always try to heal in the best way that is possible at that time. Sometimes the healing process is not able to fully return the tissues to normal and they may be left with a strain or scar tissue.

Cranial Osteopathy relies on utilising your body’s own healing forces. It can be applied to any tissue in the body – not just the head.

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What Do Cranial Osteopaths Do?

It is a very gentle and effective technique. It can be used for joint and muscle strains, organ dysfunctions, such as uterine pain, or connective tissue problems such as scar tissue. It may also be useful when a person is emotionally stressed. 

By using highly developed palpation skills, the osteopath feels how the body is trying to correct the problem and then may be able to assist by helping the body’s own healing processes. This is done by applying very gentle but specific pressure to the parts of the body that feel disturbed. The body may then be able to return to a more normal health state.

As it is very gentle, it is particularly useful for treating children, babies and anyone who either doesn’t like spinal manipulation or spinal manipulation is contraindicated

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