The symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux or GORD are variable but typically the baby cries often, is difficult to get to sleep and then often sleeps for only 20 – 30 minutes before waking up crying again. They often arch their body backwards, and want to be upright. They do not like sleeping on their backs. Many will vomit frequently but others will suffer from silent reflux in which case the baby will be making swallowing motions often with crying. Some times gurgling sounds can be heard in the babies throat – as opposed to “colic” when the sounds are heard in the babies  abdomen.

The baby can be very windy and difficult to burp. They often will be blowing bubbles and trying to crawl up the parent’s body when being held.

Lactose intolerance can be a cause as well as acid foods such as tomato and citrus. The amine food group is also sometimes a cause of reflux (banana, avocado, cocoa, kiwi fruit)

Babies with mild GORD may have some relief of their symptoms with osteopathic treatment.  They often have colic as well and we can also discuss the causes and any treatment of this.  However, most babies with marked reflux will be prescribed medication.

Another cause can be a tongue tie which causes the baby to swallow air when they are feeding.

If your baby is on medication but still has symptoms then osteopathy may assist in the mangagement of their symptoms.