Pregnancy back pain

Many pregnant women experience back pain and are commonly told that it is ‘normal’ and that there is no effective treatment.  The results we have had say different.

Both the mechanical stresses and the hormonal changes in the body can lead to the onset of this pain. It can also present very early in the pregnancy, particularly if there has been previous back pain history or trauma.
Occasionally the baby can lie on the sciatic nerve in which case help will only come when baby moves!

Pain in the front of the pelvis during pregnancy – Pubic Symphysis Syndrome – is also a common symptom in the latter stages.  In many cases osteopathy can help to relieve this by gentle manipulation of the pelvic bones.

Osteopathic treatment is usually effective & SAFE for both mother & child within a short number of treatments .

During delivery the tissues in the pelvis are easily strained and may not return to their normal position when the delivery is over. Typically the woman should be pain free within two weeks of delivery although it can take longer to feel that her pelvis has returned to normal. 

Again treatment at this stage can be very effective.