Behavioural problems

Many parents will bring their child to an Osteopath for help with behavioural problems, be it tantrums, hyperactivity, excessive crying, anger, anxiety, "clingyness" etc.

Sometimes this is related to a difficult birth which has left the child's nervous system stressed. In this case the child will often have been an unsettled baby, difficult to get to sleep, frequently startling themselves awake or crying for no apparent reason.  Many babies develop stranger awareness at about nine months but these children can be particularly sensitive refusing to go to anyone but their mother.  

Or the behavioural  problems may start after some kind of trauma - either emotional or physical.  The parent finds themselves saying, "she is just not herself".   In this case osteopathic treatment can help the child to relax and to calm the nervous system enabling the child to respond more appropriately to situations and become their normal self again.


Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.