What Our Patients Say


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 *Some mention Waiake Osteopaths.  This was Osteoworks before a name change.
 Same osteopaths - just a new name!

Very happy to be helped by the osteoworks people.


I would like to pass on my thanks to Chris for his assistance in helping me with ongoing back and neck issues.  For years I have had problems & not been able to find a suitable solution.  After 3-4 visits to Chris my neck pain has diminished & back/shoulder are a lot better.

I can only recommend Chris as this is the first time in years I have been pain free for any length of time.

Janet Williams


Well, Chris,
This is the first time my neck has felt freer.  I wish I had seen you much earlier - years ago in fact.
Looking forward to my next treatment!
Claire Bradley

You have done an amazing job fixing my back - thank you so much.

Sonia White,
Waiake, Auckland

Dear Chris

I would like to thank you very much for all you did.  I had a bad fall & my neck was very painful.  But I have had problems with my neck for years & you certainly did wonders & I feel a new man.

Best wishes,

Brian Everett

After months of headaches, Jill helped me amazingly.  I cannot describe exactly how, but it works!
B.K. (Torbay, Auckland) 

I was seen by Chris who helped me with very tight back and neck muscles.  The whole process was very calm, friendly, relaxing and I would recommend to all!

Thanks Chris!

Abby (Murrays Bay)


I am one to put things off till they are so painful I simply must do something.  This time I took action straight away and now  reap the rewards of the accurate, sensitive, caring & successful treatment I have received.

Thanks so much.

Lee Raela, Waiake

I had been seeing a chiropractor for neck issues & vertigo for a year & a bit, it helped temporarily but I was still going back week after week & the vertigo it still came back on & off.  I then googled Osteopaths & found Chris, after my first visit I felt instant relief from my sore neck & the vertigo has not come back since.  After every visit I felt better & better & after a while I stopped going as I didn't need it anymore.  If I ever have any pains again I know where to go.  I have been to a few places for help before but nobody has ever been able to help me like Chris has.  I highly recommend him to everyone!

Tess (Albany)

I cant thank Jill enough for her helping my recovery from a car accident.  I was "crumpled" when I first came to her but with her knowledge, expertise and kind and gentle touch helped me back to a normal life again.  

Now I am bringing my baby daughter to her with colic/reflux issues.  
Thank you for your time and patience.

A. Baynes (North Shore)

After years of seeing a physiotherapist for my very sore neck, I started seeing Jill and within a few treatments the pain had disappeared and has still yet to return. I have now been a year pain free.

A. Cook (Coatesville)

I had been to a physio and a chiropractor for my back, hips and neck.

I was recommended to Chris by a friend .  I thought to myself why will this person be any different and how will he help me?

As I could hardly walk, my husband drove me to my first appointment with Chris.  This guy had 'magic fingers' and after my appointment I felt so much better and I could walk and not shuffle.  I have now been going to Chris for several years and have recommended him to many people.  I have never looked back.

G.B. (Torbay)


I came to see Chris with recurrent neck and back problems.  I had been in a lot of pain and unable to move on occasions.  Chris worked his magic, and now I'm well on the way to recovery.


Jenny Joynt  (Milford)


I came to see Chris with a lower back pain.  He fixed it very quickly – in just three appointments!  Not only I was given some stretches and exercises for my back muscles, but also lots of practical advice to prevent from pain in the future. Great practice - I would definitely recommend their services.  Thank you very much!
P.S. Easy to make and manage appointments over the internet.

Galina, (Browns Bay)


I came to Jill with a sharp pain in my lower back which had not been helped by a visit to the Physio.  My doctor could only give me pain killers and nothing had shown up on an MRI.  After her gentle treatment and patience over time it gradually disappeared and I would therefore highly recommend her to anyone

Barbara (Torbay)


I had osteo treatment with Chris this year for a neck and shoulder complaint and also a knee issue caused by running. Chris was straight to the point in regards to treatment and exercises to help prevent my injuries returning. His friendly manner, honest opinion  and professional attitude "set the scene" to aid me in my recovery. I am now able to continue running and my neck and shoulder issues have cleared. I thoroughly recommend Chris to anyone experiencing similar issues to what I had.

Sean, (Albany)


Had my back sorted, pronto.  Now doing wonders with my shoulder, thanks.

K. Pirie



I would like to give Chris from Osteoworks a huge thank you for putting me out of my horrible back pain!  A few months ago I injured my lower back at gym and was in excruciating pain everyday.  I had gone to physio' for about four weeks but wasn't seeing any results.  Therefore I decided to try another approach instead which lead me to Osteoworks.  After having (one) treatment for a week I could already feel good results!  My back is now fully healed and I'm back into gym now without any pain.  Thank you Osteoworks.  Will definitely be referring family and friends to you.


Kristen Foord (Browns Bay)



I came to see Chris at Osteoworks with rather severe muscle spasms occurring in my lower back.  After my first appointment, my back was noticeably better and I was given a series of stretches to do on a daily basis.  After my second appointment, my back was definitely on the road to recovery and I was pleased because Chris informed me the role of an Osteopath was to fix the problem, not maintain (treatment) on a regular basis such as going to a chiropractor.  Very handy if you want to save yourself some money!

After my third appointment I was truly fixed and in no pain whatsoever, so I am very thankful to Osteoworks - they definitely work!

Stephanie Strong



After visiting Chris with a terrible neck head and back pain I felt overwhelmed at only
one visit and my pain had gone.

I could not believe after one visit my terrible pain had disappeared.  I would recommend anyone with pain, whether it is in any part of their body to visit Chris.

I will no doubt be visiting Chris again at sometime in the future.

Dianne  Ranson


I arrived at Osteoworks in considerable pain and discomfort,thanks to the manipulation work Chris gave me I was able to move freely and feel significant relief, I'd definitely use them again.

M. Joynt, Milford.



So far after just one visit I am most impressed.  Uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards, however now, a week later, about to go in for my second visit.  I feel so much better and almost free of stiffness and pain.

Chris was very professional in his approach and very informative throughout the session.

I would have no hesitation recommending Chris.

M.W  Torbay.



I love the soft gentle treatment I receive from Jill.

You sort out me problems in such a gentle non invasive way allowing my body to respond in its own inimitable way. Cranial Osteopathy is definitely the best way for me.

Thanks Jill

(Ora  L.  Albany)


I have been to Osteos many times, in different parts of the world.  Chris was the first one able to align my back that was giving me problems for many many years.  Thank you Chris.

(Carin Oelofse)



The treatment I have received with Chris has been professional and well worth it.

I had been getting headaches for five days after an accident.  My first session with Chris my headache had eased that night and was gone the next day.  I have continued treatment a further two sessions and I am still benefiting from it.

(A.  Hargreaves.  Glenfield)


I have had the most amazing relief from vertigo with treatments by Jill.  Could not recommend her too highly.
Thank you Jill
(Glenys Wild, Browns Bay)

Jill is amazing. she helped my 13 month old baby with crawling and walking. Highly recommend. So good with children.

Jo Bently, (Stanmore Bay)



My son was hit by a car 5 months ago.  He was thrown into the air and landed on his head.  After he was sent home from hospital the same day I knew something wasn't quite right.  Joe had a sprained neck, hip pain and several headaches.  I was recommended to Jill by a colleague and took Joe along for his first visit.  She was highly professional in every respect and started working on Joe's neck and hip after a detailed consultation.  She also suggested that I go back to hospital as his ribs were sore and she thought he had concussion.  I did this and it appeared Joe had probably broken 2 ribs and was suffering from post concussion syndrome. It was Jill who encouraged me to reduce school hours and cut right back on screen times and sport.  This has really helped in the management of his cognitive fatigue.

Whilst recovering for concussion he hurt his arm falling over.  I mentioned it to Jill and she immediately looked at it, made a referral and sent Joe for an X-ray.

Joe has no pain from his neck or hip now (3 months  later).  I am sure that Jill had a big part to play in the recovery process.  I also feel she was an advocate for me in the mine field of concussion.

I would definitely recommend her for someone who has been hit by a car so such like.

A. Clark



Excellent treatment.  Very sympathetic and kind when you are in pain.  Went away relieved and feeling much more positive than when I arrived.

D. Williams (Pakaraka)


After over 1 year of significant back pain and several specialists I started using Chris.  My back has improved greatly over recent months and I have recommended Chris to family and friends.

(Paul, Albany)



I brought my 3 month old daughter to see Jill because she was favouring one side when turning her head, wasn't moving her arms and she had reflux issues. Jill assessed her and discovered she had many issues due to a challenging birth (her arm came out like Superman) and her head was engaged for quite some time. My daughter was not moving her arms freely at all and they were constantly up by her ears and her hands were in fists.

After the first session, on the way home, she was moving her right arm and batting the rattle in the car seat. After the second session she was able to move her right arm very freely and grabbed hold of toys and would bring them to her mouth!

Jill worked on the left side for the third session and when I got my daughter home she was able to easily use both of her arms and hands. It was so amazing to see our daughter finally meeting developmental milestones!! Our daughter now has no issues with movement and grabs many toys at once, changes them between her hands and everything goes in the mouth!

Jill also gave me support and advice for her reflux issues, which are now almost non-existent! I will also be returning to see Jill after my daughters 5 month immunisation shots as these seem to have stressed my daughters body and made her existing issues worse. Jill has helped my daughter immensely and so quickly I would highly recommend her very gentle and skillful services to anyone.

(M.L. Milford)



Both my daughters have been treated by Jill.

First one with an odd head shape - which was rectified in 2 treatments with Jill.  Mu second daughter surffered a broken collar bone during her birth. She required 2 treatments with Jill  also.  Jill handles my girls gently and skillfully and also is very reassuring to me as the mother.

Thanks very much,  I highly recommend her to other mums.

(E.O. Albany)



I have tried many osteopaths over the years & Chris is one of the best ones for getting to the core of the issue & providing a long term maintenance plan.  I thoroughly recommend him!

(S. Follas.  Takapuna)



Hobbled in.  Walked out.

(Gael Black, patient with knee pain)


I have had ongoing chronic lower back & neck stiffness & pain over the last 20 or 30 years for which my new GP recommended Chris Fetto.  I had previously persevered with chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage and acupuncture or various combinations.  Most gave very little short term relief & I never felt that I would ever be free; that long term relief and self help were possible. I did not know what osteopathy was until this referral.

Chris has an almost intuitive knack of finding the exact spot, the cause of any particular pain or stiffness, treating it without harsh methods and achieving long term relief whilst educating me re exercises I can do to control & alleviate my body's tendency to tighten up under stress.

I do return for treatment sessions when I have let myself go again.  I am so impressed with Chris's commonsense effective approach that I have referred many friends and clients to him, with excellent outcomes.

(T. S Milford)



Our 8 year of son has had neck and spinal issues which have shown up as facial twitching and bed wetting.  We've only had 2 sessions with Jill and have already noticed significant reduction in symptoms.  Jill has fabulous way with children - very relaxed and natural and calming.

A.B. Chatswood


I have come back many times to Jill & Chris during 3 pregnancies & to do checks & treatments on my newborns as I have found that what they do not only feels so good, it actually works.  I look forward to my sessions & come away feeling relaxed, stretched out & structurally aligned.  So whether it is for my pain or for my baby's unsettledness or reoccurring colds, I trust their professional approach.

E.F. (Torbay)



I hurt my back while doing the vacuuming and was very hampered by the pain.

After my first visit to Chris, I was feeling a great deal of improvement and felt much more relaxed.

Rather than just taking pain killers and soldiering on, I have always found Osteopathy holistic in its approach, very helpful and non invasive.

(K.M. Torbay)


For the last 10 years I have been troubled with lower back pain & aching hips.

About every 3 months I would visit a Chiropractor & obtain temporary relief for a short time. The pain was such that I could not sleep on either side & my right hip ached continuously.

Since I have been receiving treatment at your clinic I can once again sleep on my side & my hip pain has virtually gone. Your treatment has helped me tremendously

Many thanks,

(J.T. Browns Bay)



During my pregnancy I suffered pain in my pelvic area the made it difficult to sleep as I couldn’t find a sleeping position where I wasn’t in pain. On the recommendation of my midwife I tried a support belt which didn’t solve the problem. After just one treatment with Jill the problem virtually went away. I did have to return every six weeks or so as my pregnancy progressed but each time it was just one visit. Each time the treatment was very gentle, in fact I couldn’t always tell exactly what she was doing.

After the birth I also suffered from back pain but again this resolved after just one treatment with Jill

I have really appreciated the fact that issues have been quickly resolved without the commitment of long treatment programs.

K.F. Torbay



I was suffering from headaches for about 7 months.  I tried other treatments which didn't really work.  We went back to the  GP and he referred us to Osteoworks.  After the third session my headaches are almost gone and my energy level is higher.

(M. Metz Castor Bay, aged 15)



I had a back injury couple of months ago and got introduced to Waiake Osteopaths (became Osteoworks) then by my friend. Few years ago I had the same injury and my GP suggested physiotherapy then. It took me nearly 3 months plus to have a feeling of recovery. This time with Waiake Osteo’, a day after first treatment I could feel the difference. After second treatment I almost felt that I recovered 90%. It surprised me, so I introduced Waiake Osteo to my sister in law who had a neck injury and she was very happy with the treatment. I feel that Waiake osteopathy treatment is a lot thorough and soothing compare to physiotherapy.

I will recommend anyone who has similar injury to me to Waiake osteopaths.

(S.H. Browns Bay)



To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter with regards to my treatment at Waiake Osteopathic Healthcare (old name of Osteoworks), under the care of Chris Fetto. I had injured my hip, or at least I thought I had, it actually turned out to be a disc problem. Chris very efficiently diagnosed the source of my pain and then set about treating it.

I was in a lot of pain when I went to see Chris & I wasn’t very optimistic that much could be done about it. I thought I would have this pain for life, if I had not gone to Chris I may well have done so. This injury was almost 2 years old and after other various treatments including physiotherapy nothing had helped much at all.

I am now running and training again completely pain free. A friend recommended Chris to me and I am so glad that I went along. Chris is friendly, professional and highly skilled. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Kind regards




Suffering neck pain – unable to move when at its worst, I was referred to Waiake Osteopathic.

I had tried all sorts of treatment – other osteos, physio’, and alternative treatments. Chris has been able to work on the problem so that I am no longer experiencing pain at all, let alone on a daily basis. The treatment was always discussed with me and appointments were convenient and comfortable.

I would recommend Waiake Osteo’ to anyone suffering from pain – even after years of putting up with it!

(K.H. Browns Bay)



Dear Chris,

My wife Chris and I welcome the opportunity to thank you and provide a brief testimonial on you behalf.

We have both suffered back and neck injuries and have had pain and discomfort on and off for many years. Having recently moved into the bays we were anxious to find a trained and competent professional to help us maintain a healthy frame and relieve often pain caused by everyday events.

Both of us have tried various remedies for our ailments including osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and anti inflammatory medications. We can both affirm that the treatment we have received from you has been outstanding. You have quickly diagnosed the problem and without any fuss or bother relieved the pain and suggested a program to reduce the likelihood of the same problem reoccurring.

We also appreciate your honesty and candor and the fact that we are treated with respect and not like a meal ticket like some "practitioners" we have had the misfortune to visit.

We both wish you and your family well.

 (T.N. & C. N.)



I brought my son to see Jill when he was 12 weeks old and suffering from colic. It was as if a button was being pushed between 6 and 7 pm. starting an hour or two of pain, crying and distress. I had tried 2 different colic remedies by mouth to help him bring up his wind. They helped him burp more freely but didn’t cure the colic. I had never experienced osteopathy before so was relieved to find Jill’s treatment was extremely gentle and caused my baby no obvious discomfort at all. The night after the first treatment my baby was not much better. The following night there was a major improvement – the colic was only half as bad and the crying was so much shorter. By the third night the colic had totally disappeared and 2 weeks later I have a bouncy, chirpy baby who does little more that grizzle for food or cuddles in the normal way at he witching hour time of the evening. As a mum of 3 boys under 2 1/2 year including twins, cranial osteopathy has bee a fantastic cure for my son’s colic and a hugely successful experience. My husband was dubious but I am so glad I gave it a try.

June Rutter
Albany Heights


Hi Chris,

Thanks to you and Jill for all your help when I twisted my ankle badly in April and then put pressure on my other ;knee to compensate. My legs feel much better now, apart from the odd twinge, but nothing to worry about. I am swimming in the sea and I am sure it helps.

Would recommend you to anybody, and have told my immediate family if they have any problems to contact you.

Will come back again if I need help in the future.


(M. A. Browns Bay)


After running a half marathon, I was baffled as to why I had pain in one shoulder (instead of sore legs!). Chris was able to quickly and professionally diagnose the imbalance in my shoulders (and neck) and promptly put me on the track to a healthy and speedy recovery. The pain subsided very quickly, and I was given useful advice to avoid the same problem re-occurring. Thanks Chris!

 (C. D. Browns Bay)


I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was a mess with a 4 month old baby and a 2 ½ year old. Jill helped me to recover the use of each joint after a flare up and provided a shoulder to cry on

(A.D.P. Browns Bay)


In August 2007 I had a snowboarding accident and sustained a crush fracture to my T12 vertebrae. For three months I wore a back brace to ensure the bone healed properly and in the right place. However the brace caused many problems for my back muscles as I had been wearing for so long, which resulted in many aches, pains and fatigue.

I had treatment from two physiotherapists, followed a gym rehabilitation programme, and went to massage therapists, and although this helped regain strength and relieved a lot of the pain, my back was always aching and I was feeling tired from it all the time.

Almost a year after the accident, my doctor suggested I go to the Waiake Osteopathic Healthcare clinic (now knowns as Osteoworks). I began to have osteopathic treatment whilst continuing with physiotherapy. After only a couple of sessions, my physiotherapist was impressed with the great improvement, and suggested that I only continue with the osteopathic treatment. After a few more treatments I noticed a significant improvement in my back, and I had days where I had no pain or aching at all. I am now only having treatments every three or four weeks, and I am now going for weeks at a time without any pain or aches at all.

Unlike other places where you are in and out in five minutes, I felt like I was really being taken care of and looked after at Waiake Osteopathic clinic. I really feel that having treatment at Waiake Osteopathic clinic has done me the world of good and I would recommend it to anyone!

(J.P. Torbay)


I am in my mid-sixties and over the years I have been to various healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, osteopaths, cranial osteopaths, and a chiropractor.

This clinic had been recommended to me after a torn muscle in my shoulder had been playing up and restricting movement. I had some treatment and was most impressed with Chris Fetto`s appraisal of the condition and the subsequent success I experienced.

I have been practicing a bit of Tai Ch to help me with balance, walking for cardio health and lately have been attending a gym to build up muscle strength. Being a bit over enthusiastic I used an unfamiliar machine and tore a muscle in my lower back.

I was so delighted with the care and attention I received. Not only is my muscle behaving beautifully, but a chronic hip problem which had been with me for many years, has simply disappeared during treatment. No one had managed to fix this and I was glumly contemplating living with the pain for the rest of life.

Thank you so much. Your professional, skilful and careful treatment has greatly benefited me. I have no qualms in recommending you to anyone.

I am concerned about some of the work I had done on me in the past, and would not like to think of other people being subject to some of the dubious practices I was exposed to.

(P. R. B. Browns Bay)


I reached into the rear of my car and suddenly my back locked. I could hardly move and was in great pain. I found Waiake Osteo. Practice in the Torbay Newsletter.

Chris started my treatment the next day and began to sort out the problems which were giving me discomfort. I have recommended him to friends.

(J. C. Browns Bay)


I had a stabbing pain in my chest on my left side and had to take 3 days off work - doctor's orders.  I was concerned about my heart.  A friend suggested that I should go to an Osteopath and suggested Waiake Osteo.  She explained that it could be my spine.  Knowing that my back muscles were also tight, I decided to try it out - I was amazed!  The pain left immediately and I was even able to run a cross-country two days later!

(M.M. Torbay)


Currently, lower back/hip pain following a fall in which I twisted around trying to save myself.  Quality of sleep was impaired by sciatic type pain down leg, flexibility affected following being in one position for any length of time, i.e. going from sitting to standing.  Bending in the course of vacuuming or gardening very painful.
Anti-inflammatory medication gave temporary relief but pain gradually worsened.
Chris’s treatment of gentle but firm manipulation and deep stretches following a thorough assessment of the area of pain gave me a good degree of immediate pain relief.  Follow-up treatment further improved the residual discomfort.
His professional attitude and care gives me full confidence in his treatments.  I feel I am in safe hands and can fully relax.  The practical advice on exercises and stretches to maintain the benefits of treatment is also appreciated.  I find the longer appointment time allows for greater benefit per session without a feeling of being rushed.
Chris has treated me in the past for various back, neck and shoulder problems.  I have felt confident in recommending Chris to several colleagues who suffer from any of these complaints.
(Christiane Fèvre, Torbay)


I was pregnant with my second child. I was finding walking painful due to the pressure on my hip. Jill is amazing, I saw her every week and it made such a difference.

(A.D.P. Browns Bay)

During my pregnancy I suffered pain in my pelvic area the made it difficult to sleep as I couldn’t find a sleeping position where I wasn’t in pain. On the recommendation of my midwife I tried a support belt which didn’t solve the problem. After just one treatment with Jill the problem virtually went away. I did have to return every six weeks or so as my pregnancy progressed but each time it was just one visit. Each time the treatment was very gentle, in fact I couldn’t always tell exactly what she was doing.

After the birth I also suffered from back pain but again this resolved after just one treatment with Jill

I have really appreciated the fact that issues have been quickly resolved without the commitment of long treatment programs.

(K.F. Torbay)


Since I have been in Auckland, Jill and Chris are the only people who have really been able to get my back into shape and out of pain.

They are a great team, and are really committed to helping you improve.

(W.F. Mairangi Bay)

When I first visited Jill I had a number of long-standing issues with my neck, shoulder and back which are related to occupational overuse syndrome (OOs). I needed treatment as I became unable to work and the muscle spasms were very painful. In other words I was at the end of my rope as I had tried in the previous 20 years a number of treatments which included physiotherapy and acupuncture. Jill was able to sort through all of the issues related to my condition by first taking a thorough history and then working on each area affected by OOS as well as improving my overall wellbeing. Jill was the only professional that stopped my muscle spasms and this has allowed me to return to work.

(M.H. Torbay)


I was experiencing severe neck pain, along with a lack of mobility in the area and frequent headaches – sometimes resulting in migraines. I was having to use anti-inflammatory rub and painkillers. However I needed a better option while breast feeding and was referred to Waiake Osteopathic Healthcare by my midwife.

The treatment has helped me very much. I hardly need painkillers at all anymore and am able to cope with the day to day tasks involved with raising a small child much more easily. My visits are only occasional now and always professional and friendly.


(S.S. Red Beach)


I have been seeing Jill with my now 4mth old baby. We have had variety of issues including feeding, reflux and sleep. With each issue Jill has provided lots of great advice and encouragement. My daughter was happy and relaxed during treatments and was always happy, calm, and slept well after treatments. Jill identified abnormalities in her mouth that were affecting her feeding, and worked on that area during treatments. I believe this has had a huge impact on feeding, and because she is feeding better she is sleeping better and is a very happy baby. I was also worried about her head rotation as she always looked one way and struggled to turn her head fully the other way and slept much better on one side. Within 2 sessions she was rotating her head freely and now sleeps equally well on both sides. An added bonus to the treatments was having a friendly face to talk to about all the issues involved in raising a baby and getting practical solutions to get things back on track during the really tough times. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

(H.B. Torbay)


I first came to Jill when Alexandra was 6 weeks old as she wouldn’t suck properly. She was having great difficulty feeding and bad reflux. After 4 sessions we were able to swap from a specialist bottle to an Advent bottle. We then saw Jill again after Alex fell onto her head and her eating pattern changed. The day after I felt like I had a different baby! Jill is a fantastic practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone.

(J.A. Albany)


Jill was recommended by my midwife after I injured my tail bone during the birth of my second child. She not only fixed my tailbone but also the incontinence problem that had been created with the birth. In fact control has improved to the level it was before I had any children. I also have an old spinal neck injury that Jill has worked on and improved feeling down my right arm..

(N.L. Forest Hill)


My three year old daughter Madeleine had constant sinus infections and a continually runny nose since her birth. She has had only three treatments but I have already seen a significant improvement - no runny noses and no colds!

(A.L. Albany)


My daughter (16yrs old) and myself (46yrs) were fortunate to experience the highly professional and successful osteopathic treatment by Jill and Chris for different health problems: back pain, injury following a car accident, neurological symptoms, and more. Their personal caring and genuine approach just added to the whole positive experience.

They both made a significant change in our health and lives, and I am strongly recommending their treatment (already did) to anyone with no hesitation!



My four month old baby was diagnosed with mild reflux, symptoms included: cough, hiccups, arching of the back and a sharp piercing cry when he was laid flat on his back. I was prescribed losec by the doctor but thought I would try a cranial osteopath before giving my baby losec.

After one treatment the symptoms were greatly reduced and he slept through the night for the first time ever. We have completed a total of three treatments and the symptoms appear to have gone and he is a much happier and relaxed baby.

The treatment provided by Jill on my baby was very gentle and her approach was very professional and friendly towards myself. I would recommend trying this treatment for babies who suffer with reflux.

(M.Q. Albany)


Walked in on crutches, walked out without.

Jill mended an injury suffered in 1953 which on and off over 50 years caused trouble in my foot.  Stepping off kerbs was a bad instance.  I call her the magician!

(B.M. Browns Bay)








Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.