Meet Chris & Jill

 Chris Fetto (BSc Osteopathy)

Patients win more often when a therapist’s toolkit contains a range of techniques or tools, instead of  using the same one each visit. So since completing my 5 years of Osteopathic training in London (College of Osteopaths) in 2003, I have concentrated on broadening and refining the variety of treatment techniques I can offer.

This is one reason I still do a lot of time-consuming work moving joints to get better movement and soft tissue work on muscles to normalise the tensions around the joints. A lot of therapists skimp on these, resulting in much shorter hands-on treatment times. This soft tissue work is specific, targeted & deep, and should not be confused with the more conventional relaxation massage most people have experienced.

The combination of different techniques when used with other tools (such as manipulation) is  far more potent than just using manipulation alone.  This is especially so in cases where manipulations  are not appropriate or are poorly tolerated - or they have already been  been used  a lot - or possibly over-used!

Physical problems benefit much more from consultations which pull together and treat problems in different parts of the body rather than just focusing on the painful area. Together with advice on self help, this is the key to independence rather than needing to come back again and again for regular treatment. Patients should not be treated as meal tickets!

Most of my practice deals with acute cases — people who have recently injured themselves & who are in real pain, but I also see patients with underlying and more long-standing health issues  for more regular ‘top up’ treatments to help reduce their symptoms.

In more care-free days before becoming an Osteopath & parent, I was an English language teacher, working in countries as diverse as Spain, Thailand, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Ecuador. My last stint in that profession took me back to north London, where I met Jill, my Kiwi-born wife & the other half of Osteoworks!

Coming to Auckland, New Zealand with Jill and our now 16 year old son has re-fired my enthusiasm for tramping and firing up my Kamado for barbeques and slow roasts over coals.  Mmm....



Jill Headifen MSc Ost. (U.K.) PG Cert Child Health

I became interested in natural therapies early on in my life being influenced by my parents philosophy of health. We grew most of our own food and hardly ever needed to visit the local GP. As a small child I was taken to manipulators of various kinds for headaches and neck pain. I learnt that we can all be responsible for our own health but occasionally need some help and direction.

I traveled to the UK to train to be an Osteopath in 1979. At that time it was difficult to get an adequate training in Osteopathy in NZ. I practiced in London for over 20 years. This also included working part time at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.

Along with a broad range of osteopathic techniques including manipulation and soft tissue techniques I specialize in cranial osteopathy.

I have taught on many post-graduate osteopathy courses in the UK, Sweden, NZ and Australia and served on the board of the Australasian Cranial Teaching Foundation. (SCTF of ANZ) -a post graduate program for osteopaths to learn Cranial techniques.

I am particularly interested in working with babies and children,as I believe that making changes early in a child’s life has long lasting impacts on their physical and emotional development. Since arriving back in Auckland, NZ in 2004  I have treated 2000 babies with colic, reflux sleep problems etc. Most of these babies are referred to me though word of mouth or the local midwives with whom I have developed a good relationship.

Many of my adult patients also consult me as they prefer a gentle approach to treatment or have a chronic pain problem which has not resolved with other kinds of therapy.

I also have extensive personal experience with exercise programs such as Pilates and will advise patients of suitable exercises to help to develop self care and prevention programs.

My hobbies include gardening, music and tennis.




Jill and Chris were both trained in the U.K and started Osteoworks back in 2004 when they moved to N.Z from London with their son.