No need to see your G.P first!

Is poor posture feeding your pains?

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Our goals for you:

  • To get you back to normal so that you don't need treatment anymore. 
  • To provide long-lasting results so you don't need to return for treatment week after week, month after month. 

How do we do this?  With generous appointment times that allow us provide more comprehensive & broader based treatments.

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Who are Osteoworks?

jill headifen cranial osteopath Jill Headifen MSc Ost. (U.K.)
In addition to general  osteopathic practice, I have a special interest
in babies and infant development.
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chris fetto osteopath north shore Chris Fetto BSc Ost. (U.K.), M.A.
I have wide experience not only in
relieving pain, but ensuring patients maintain freedom from pain.
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Give me a break!

Baby Colic image Osteoworks cropped thumbnailBaby colic is not normally a serious condition, but it can have a wearing effect on parents. 

The causes of colic can be treated naturally and gently producing a lasting result in our osteopathic clinic.
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Our clients say...

quote_grey.gifSince I have been in Auckland, Jill and Chris are the only people who have really been able to get my back into shape and out of pain. They are a great team, and are really committed to helping you improve.
(W.F. Mairangi Bay)

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We are UK-qualified Osteopaths with combined experience of over 33 years. Our osteopathic clinic provides hands-on treatment of the spine and other joints to relieve pain and improve mobility and function in people of all ages.


Phone: 09 473 3529


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